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Episode 15: Artist, Victor Spinelli

For Ep15 Thinking of Art, I spoke with multifaceted Ibiza-based artist, Victor Spinelli! During his career so far, he has traveled to over 85 countries, shot some of the most recognized celebrities in the world, and created spectacular artistic programs for artists.

Today, we talked about his recent #DiverUp project (which embodies the power and strength of women), his plans for 2021’s Burning Man, and heard incredible stories of Olympians he shot over the years.  Victor also discussed his plans for the SPiN Art Residency in Ibiza and how the current world situation has impacted his feelings toward the earth.

During most of his adult life, Spinelli has split his time between New York, the Mediterranean and California. The photography skills and artistry he developed along his travels evolved into several multimedia platforms:  film, commercials, music videos, documentaries and print campaigns. | Purchase works on

Episode 10: Figurative Painter, Michele Del Campo

Ep10 with Italian Born, Madrid-based figurative painter Michele Del Campo at his studio in Madrid, Spain. During today’s Thinking of Art IG Live, we caught up on current life in Madrid during Covid-19, discussed his figurative painting style, heard how he stays inspired to capture emotions of those he paints, his big career break through, and had a private tour of his art studio. Del Campo also shared how he stays inspired as an artist, how his lifestyle has given him the ability to travel the world, and we answered many questions from the viewers around the world who joined the call. | Purchase works on

Episode 4: Renee Phillips Live From Florida

Ep4 of Thinking of Art features color field painter, Renee Phillips. Her work can be described as: Geographic, Metamorphic, Layered, Decayed, Mountainous, Built up, Deconstructed, Abstract. and Conceptual. In her paintings, layers are built up in monochromatic schemes or multiple pools of color poured one atop another highlighting an extensive understanding of the properties of paint and a skillful use of color. Paint, both oil and acrylic, is tested and pushed beyond perceived limitations. The medium is often met on the surface with a range of enamel, spray paint, or wild posters ripped from the streets.

Episode 2: Rotem Reshef Live From Tel Aviv

Ep2 live from Tel Aviv, features Rotem Reshef. She is a process-based action painter and her artistic oeuvre presents a range of bodily gestures and techniques, such as imprinting, peeling, pouring and assembling natural and artificial sources and materials, that shape the various compositions over the different canvases. Reshef’s works deal with traces of human presence versus the appearance and disappearance of nature, as in the tradition of “Nature Morte”.

 Among the themes in her work are ecological shifts and seasonal changes, research of the influence of colors, tones and shades on our emotions and perceptions, and the passage of time and the fleeting moment. Reshef’s “ghostly” paintings often present the remains of an object that was part of the creation and then was removed. By leaving “evidence” on her surfaces, Reshef creates contemporary, painterly fossils, that present the duration of the creative process and the different stages of art making, from start to finish. By incorporating ambitious large-scale formats and extensive tonalities that should be viewed in person, Reshef’s attention to detail and texture aims to resist art consumption solely via social media and the flat screen, and encourages art observance in real life. Purchase works on

Episode 1: Grason Ratowsky Live From Spain

Ep1 live from Mallorca, Spain features painter, Grason Ratowsky. His works are physical representations of the extruded subconscious. Fragments of memories, experiences and imagination come forth to compile uniquely schematic arrangements that invite the viewer to move into a space of speculation.  Rooted in neo-expressionism, the process involves a surge of wild strokes to a given surface with little end intention in mind.

Once the vision begins to reveal itself, steps of deduction and abstraction ensue to finally highlight and exemplify form and figure. In this way, Ratowsky does not hold a definite intention to paint objectively. Rather, he paints what lies in between and what’s between the lines.

When a figurative object placed in a scene is brought to life in his paintings, it is not the figure itself that he is translating but the emotion it evokes. He highlights the soul of the scene rather than the universal comprehension of it.

Merging the lines between neo/abstract expressionism with surrealism and figurativism helps him rearrange the usage of output to identify a hidden meaning. An unforeseen truth is revealed to the viewer in which they’re able to weave in their own personal emotional value and story.