Ep26 of Thinking of Art features New Orleans-based mixed media artist Ashley Longshore! Fifteen years ago in NYC, we met at one of her first gallery openings and I’ve been in awe of her energy and authenticity ever since.

Ashley shared how important it is to find peace and comfort in your own voice, discussed pivotal highlights in her career, and talked about dream projects on the horizon. I enjoyed her perspective on how she enjoys living with the spirit of other artists’ she collects and how she follows the laws of economics in selling her work.

I have big respect for Ashley’s commitment to give back to empower other artists through scholarships and grants. Longshore also has a passion for music and she shared some of her favorite musicians during our talk.

Longshore believes it’s important to compliment yourself for the little ‘wins’ each day which helps strengthen a stronger foundation of self. I couldn’t agree more with you, Ashley! I’m honored that 9 of her paintings are currently in the ‘Awake & Aware’ virtual exhibition on kipton.com/shop (for a limited time) Please check them out! atstager.shop

Kipton Cronkite

I launched the ‘Thinking of Art’ instagram live series in 2020 to connect collectors to artists and creatives from around the world.

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