In Ep51 of Thinking of Art, I caught up with New York City-based photographer Celia Rogge. Celia’s self-proclaimed motto “Always Look Up” is meant firstly in a figurative way but by own definition in a spiritual way. Over the last 15+ years since we met, I remain inspired how she has captured some of the most incredible exterior and interior shots I’ve ever seen.

German born Celia Rogge has lived and worked in New York since the mid 90s but has also called Berlin, London, Washington DC and Montreux her home. She studied at the International Center for Photography: Photography, London School of Economics, and Georgetown School of Foreign Service with a focus on International Relations.

Rogge is inspired by the notion of discovery through reflections and a passion for symmetry and linear structure. Her architectural works of New York City, London and Berlin Reflections invite the viewer to a new perspective on the clear lines of these metropolises. This zest for linear structure, order and the vanishing point are continued in her images of grand interiors throughout Europe, the United States and Australia. In her daylight infrared photography, common vistas are filtered through the transformative power of light where it is absorbed and reflected on another wavelength than the human eye can see.

Kipton Cronkite

I launched the ‘Thinking of Art’ instagram live series in 2020 to connect collectors to artists and creatives from around the world.

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