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Episode 14: Artist, Marco Lorenzetto

For Ep14 of Thinking of Art, I surprised Marco Lorenzetto in his Hollywood Studio (while keeping a 6 feet distance during our interview, of course!). The 35 year old, Italian-born – LA-based – artist opened up about his life-long passion for art, shared intimate struggles, and gave advice his journey so far.

Precious or monumental in scale, his abstract creations invite the viewer to visually explore the landscape of his canvases allowing their own ideas to emerge through gradual discoveries. Marco collaborates closely with individual collectors and interior architects alike to create commission works. His tête à tête approach with clients although very ancient is a disappearing practice.

Episode 8: Celebrity Jeweler Azature

For Ep8 of Thinking of Art, Celebrity Jeweler Azature joined me to talk about how to choose JOY every day, the importance of legacy investing in jewelry, and his advice for artists and entrepreneurs. With a family history in the diamond business, Azature has built his client base through relationships with individuals who connect to his artistic passion. Azature also showed us some of his favorite artists: Andy Warhol, Helmut Newton, and Keith Haring and a large diamond from his personal collection. He also spoke about his first internships and working with celebrities Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, and Toni Braxton.