Ep18 of Thinking of Art, features Brazilian-born, Miami-based, Romero Britto! What an honor to interview a friend of many years and an artist who continues to inspire hope, joy, and love! We discussed the importance of happiness and hope in a time of quarantine, had a sneak peek of his Miami studio, heard about new projects, recent charitable work, & helpful advice to stay mentally strong during the time of Covid-19.

If you are interested in his work, simply mention “BRITTOKD” and you’ll receive 10% off any purchases on shopbritto.com | Britto, the founder of the Happy Art Movement, has created a visual language of love, hope and happiness all its own that inspires millions worldwide. Self-taught at an early age, Britto painted on scraps of paper or cardboard or any medium he could find before coming into his own and traveling to Paris where he was introduced to the works of Matisse and Picasso.

Britto’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in over 100 countries, He has created public art installations for the 02 Dome in Berlin, New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport, Cirque Du Soleil at Super Bowl XLI and has been credited with the largest monumental sculpture in London’s Hyde Park history.

Britto served as an official artist for the 2010 World Cup, Ambassador to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil and honorary torch bearer for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

He is considered the most licensed artist in history and Britto’s Happy Art has since leant itself to many collaborations with international brands such as NetDragon WebSoft, Audi, Bentley, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Walt Disney, Universal Pictures, Evian, Hublot, Invicta, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line, D&G, Hasbro and Mattel to name a few.

Romero is an activist for charitable organizations worldwide and most of all an artist who believes “art is too important not to share.” Britto has donated time, art, and resources to more than 250 charitable organizations.

Kipton Cronkite

I launched the ‘Thinking of Art’ instagram live series in 2020 to connect collectors to artists and creatives from around the world.

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